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Wedding Dance Classes in Framingham MA

Wedding First Dance

Wedding Dance Classes in Framingham MAAt any wedding, the first dance is invariably a poignant moment - of anticipation, of pride, of nostalgia and a plethora of emotions. Some relish the opportunity to let themselves go on the dance floor - a romantic slow waltz, a sultry tango or an energetic quickstep is often the safest(and most dignified) way to release the excess of emotions a wedding can evoke. Others love this opportunity to show off their dance and choreography skills. Unfortunately, not everyone is equally skilled, and there are also people whose greatest fear at a wedding is the dance floor.

The excess of emotions and inhibitions usually eases up after a few dances, when conversation and laughter begin to dominate the atmosphere. However, the first dance can still bring butterflies to the stomach of a nervous dancer, so it’s best to get in some wedding dance instruction beforehand! If you are at your first wedding dance, lessons will definitely help your confidence levels.

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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lessons are an excellent idea for both skilled and unskilled dancers. While trained dancers can opt for original and attractive choreographed routines, inexperienced and nervous dancers benefit from the simplest of wedding dance classes.

At Framingham Wedding Dance, we teach over ten varieties of dance, including the waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, cha-cha, samba, rumba, salsa and jive. Our dance lessons for weddings are highly interactive - we use components of all the dances named above, to create the composition of your dreams. It could be classical, funny, glamorous, peppy, or any combination of the above. Very often, we work with our students, turning their ideas and emotions into a composition that recreates exactly how they feel about the wedding rather than sticking to predesignated dance codes.

Dance lessons for weddings are absolutely nothing to be afraid of, even for the most “dance-ically challenged”. Our wedding dance instructors help you master the simplest of steps and then mix and match them, letting you hold your own on the dance floor among more experienced, more “talented” companions. At the end of the day, the point is to have fun at a wedding, and that’s what we aim to help you do.

Wedding Dance Instructors

Our wedding dance instructors combine creativity and open-mindedness with experience, offering you everything possible to create a wedding dance that encapsulates just how you feel. We have been trained, and training students, in over a dozen varieties of dance for well over a decade, and we use all that we have learned from our teachers, competitors, colleagues and students to create our compositions.

Personalization is truly the name of the game at our wedding dance studio, where everyone arrives with different expectations. Every wedding is a unique experience, and can fall under or between several categories - classic weddings, traditional weddings, themed weddings and so many more. Thus, every wedding dance also needs a unique character, to match the moods of the hosts, the occasion and the dancers.

Whether you want a classic slow waltz, a combination of the traditional and contemporary, or a freestyle routine to enliven the occasion, our wedding dance instructors are waiting for you!

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