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Latin Dance Classes in Framingham

The other five styles you can learn to dance for Dancesport are the Latin dances. Latin dance lessons are becoming increasingly popular among today's college goers, as a more entertaining alternative to the gym or yoga mat.

Latin Dance Classes in FraminghamFramingham Cha-Cha School

First of all, the cha-cha. This dance gets its name from its globally known, flirtatious beat - the “one-two-cha-cha-CHA”. Originating in Cuba, this dance is easy, fun and sassy, with its sharp hip actions and leg movements.

Samba Teacher @ Framingham Dance Studio

The Samba is danced in a spirit of celebration, reminiscent of African drums and the Brazilian Carnival. Even its action is “bouncy”, with nimble feet moving in syncopated moves in a complex, exuberantly joyful rhythm.

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Learn Rumba @ Metro West Dance School

The Rumba is a fellow Cuban with the Cha-cha, and seems to follow up beautifully on the flirtatious excitement evoked by the former. A combination of fast and slow, passionate and tender, this is truly a pleasure to dance as well as to watch. The Rumba allows the man to show off his strength, while the woman complements him perfectly with her sensuality.

Paso Doble Classes in Framingham Massachusetts

The Paso Doble is a fiery dance that instantly reminds viewers of its origins - the bullfight. In this dramatic and fiery dance, the male “toreador” completely dominates his partner, who serves as his “cape”. This dance, albeit evolved from the Spanish Flamenco and Gypsy dances, resembles the Standard Ballroom dances most closely, thanks to its heel-led movements, wide frame and the limited hip movement.

Framingham Jive Dance

The Jive, surprisingly enough, is a “Latin” dance that originated in the United States. It has now become a fun and energetic conglomerate of everything that epitomized the “Swingin' Sixties” - Swing, Rock and Roll and Jitterbug. High and sharp kicks, rock motions and a large dollop of bounce combine to make this a high-octane dance that would light up any floor!

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