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Hip-Hop Dance Class Framingham, MA

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!” This quotation by Constanze says it all doesn’t it? There is this innate desire in all human beings to move their body to the rhythm of music, unmindful of what or who is around them! That involuntary tap of the feet or hands to music, that nodding of the head in its appreciation, is instinctive to all humans. It is this very instinct that commands them to let go and give in to the freedom and abandonment that lilting foot-tapping music can bring. And when it comes to hip-hop music there is absolutely no stopping oneself is there?! Little wonder we see so many hip-hop dance classes springing around everywhere.

Hip-Hop Dance Classe

Now if you are looking for hip-hop classes for kids, you don’t have to look too far. We at Framingham Dance Studio can take care of that. What your kids need are professionals who are not just good dancers but who can also teach good dancing. Today hip-hop is a culture unto itself. There are many who think that hip-hop dancing is just moving rhythmically to hip-hop music. Well this is definitely not the case. The dance itself has various elements blended into its choreography. While it may appear freestyle outwardly, it is only a professional hip-hop dance teacher who can teach the nuances of all the elements of this style of dancing.
Hip-Hop Dance Class Framingham, MA

Three Elements of Hip-Hop Dance

The three most important element of hip-hop dancing are breaking, locking and popping

Popping: This element of dance refers to that part in its choreography where the dancer in quick succession contracts and relaxes the muscles. This causes a jerk in the body and this element of the dance is termed popping.

Breaking: Breaking or break-dancing is a very important element in hip-hop and is almost always improvised. This element showcases the dancer’s technical skills and is almost frenetic in nature. Made popular by Michael Jackson, this element in hip-hop dance is almost always the one that brings the house down!

Locking: Locking is that part of a hip-hop dance where the dancer continues to perform rapid movements but yet holds the last pose of every successive movement, for split seconds, before ‘unlocking’ that position.

The Hip-hop classes that we provide go into every detail of every element of this style of dancing. Our experienced instructors not only give your kids the best possible dance learning experience but also encourage them to give into their creativity to innovate on these very styles. 

Children today can easily get bored. They need something new and exciting to keep them going. Enrolling your kids in these classeshelps channelize their exuberant energy into something constructive and beautiful. This also helps in keeping them physically fit and supple. The cost for hip-hop dance lessons that we provide is not going to burn a hole in your pocket. Our fees are very affordable and our instructors are not only courteous and patient but also take immense pride in working with each and every dance student of the class.

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