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Children's & Kid's Dance Classes in Framingham

Children and youth have completely different needs in a classroom to those of adults. This is why Framingham Dance Studio provides separate dance classes for children, which are segregated according to age group. Alternatively, kids can also take private dance classes where they dance with their instructor.

Children & Kid Dance Classes in FraminghamKids Group Classes in Framingham

Dance lessons for kids aged 3-4 years focus on enhancing flexibility and an understanding of rhythm and musicality. The kids' dance classes are easy to follow, with an emphasis on easy stretching exercises, peppy music and simple movements.

Dance classes for children who are slightly older focus on the basic foundations of dance forms. Children learn the steps of each dance, and lots of attention is given to posture, rhythm and body movement. Framingham children's dance classes in a group also allow instructors to choreograph group dances - for example an all-girls show number or a group party dance. This develops children's teamwork skills in general, as well as preparing them for a career in group or partnered dance later on.

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Competitive Dance Classes Metro West

Children who wish to dance competitively need to spend a year in a dance group class at first, following which they can begin targeted preparations for competition. They can now take private dance lessons focusing on dance competitions, or could alternatively choose social dance as their speciality. In case children want to compete but do not have a partner, their instructor serves as their dance partner - for competitions and shows in addition to the lessons themselves.

Dance lessons for children are, first and foremost, meant to let them enjoy themselves. If the children begin to enjoy dance itself and wish to pursue it further, the early initiation proves to be very useful. No matter what, the flexibility, agility and sense of rhythm gained through the kids' dance classes stay with them throughout their lives.

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