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Belly Dancing Classes in Framingham Dance School

Ask people of any age. There will be a hidden talent and wish for dancing, but most of them think that it would look odd to dance at a particular age. Some people may feel shy as well. We at Framingham Dance Studio are very eager to help you out. Did you know joining belly dancing classes is the best solution to loose weight while dancing?

Belly Dancing Classes in Framingham MA‘Danse du ventre’ is the French word referring to belly dance, commonly used among people from the Victorian era. The founders at Framingham Dance Studio are the experts of competitive dancing. They are skilled and experienced in using dance forms in sport activities that can keep you fit.

Belly Dancing Lessons

Imagine enjoying your time by dancing where you also get a chance to sculpt and tone and loose weight. You can join our belly dancing lessons as a simple act of expanding your joy dancing or to select an addition activity that will energize every part of your body. Our belly dancing classes offer both ‘Raqs Sharqi’ the oriental dance form as well ‘Raqs balladi’ the folk form of belly dancing. Do not worry if you know nothing of art of belly dance. We conduct belly dance classes for beginners as well the performers.

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Belly Dance Instruction

Our belly dance instruction doesn’t stop at training you how to perform a hip drop or belly role. You will learn to belly dance through showing emotions, expressions, interpretation to music and more. Our belly dance school focuses on training you how to perform belly dance in stages through various techniques. Our belly dance instruction covers the most important dancing techniques such as belly rolls, backbends, walking shimmy, forward shimmy, back shimmy, expression through arms and other parts of your body, inclusive of squeezing the glutes. You will also learn how to camel walk by moving beautifully, exploration figure eight and many more.

Belly Dancing Workout

Belly dancing workout is the wonderful way of giving exercise to all parts of your body. Fitness through belly dancing is an important aspect you learn by joining Framingham Dance Studio. Most of the steps in belly dancing are driven through your legs, hence the belly dancing workout provides increases the stamina of your legs. Have you ever looked at a belly dancer’s stomach? How flat and smooth it looks? Using glutes while dancing will give sharper and tighter movements. We teach you how to move your organs appropriately to get a shape that you see in belly dancers.

Beginners program conducted by our Framingham Dance Studio will suit you well if you are not very fit. By joining our belly dancing class, the workout you will receive can easily burn off excess fat and start you on the road to a superb figure. Our belly dancing instructions will help to keep your body in the right tone while dancing offer a deeper workout as you progress.

Whether you decide to join belly dancing lessons to learn the art of the dance or because you’ve been told of the wonderful results of a belly dancing workout it does not matter, our instructors are looking forward to seeing you in one of our dance classes.

Also, feel free to encourage your young adults to join us in our belly dancing classes as it provides a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with them while also introducing them to an activity that will benefit their body and their mind.

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