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Ballroom Dance Framingham

Here's a quick summary of the ten dances that figure in Dancesport competitions. First of all, we'll talk about the five “Standard Ballroom Dances”:

Waltz Lesons in Framingham

Waltz. Remember the familiar, graceful and stately one-two-three beat most of us associate with ballroom dancing? Yes, that's the waltz, also called “Slow Waltz”, for you. Simple, elegant and romantic, this dance is one of the first among ballroom dancing lessons thanks to its smooth, sweeping movements and soothing rise-and-fall motions.

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Ballroom Dance FraminghamTango Classes in Framingham MA

Tango. The tango, with its Spanish origins, dramatic music and striking movements, is a sharp contrast to the Waltz. While the Argentinian Tango is intimate, sensual and allows some open poses within its closed hold, the competitive tango reminds many of a tiger stalking its prey, with forceful movements and startling head snaps alternating with a sudden, slow grace. Professional dance classes are an absolute must in order to master this style.

Foxtrot @ Framngham Dance Classes

Foxtrot is yet again a different ball game, or ball dance rather, that gets its name from Sir Harry Fox, who introduced it to the world in 1913. While maintaining a cheerful tone, it includes smooth and flowing movements that go exceptionally well with vocal big band music or other forms of jazz. This makes it rather more versatile than other ballroom dances, as it can also be performed on relatively informal occasions.

Viennese Waltz Instructors at Framingham Dance Studio

Viennese Waltz This dance shares the 1-2-3 beat and smooth elegance of the Slow Waltz, but there the similarity ends. One of the easiest ways to understand this dance is to listen to the music of Strauss - it demands rapid movements and rotations, but never allows one to let go of elegance and poise.

Quickstep Dance Classes with Framingham Dance Instructors

Quickstep. The quickstep has a lively speed and energy that no other Standard dance has. Within a closed hold that is never broken, the dancers fly across the dance floor in rapid hops, skips and runs. No wonder, then, that the Foxtrot is usually the last of the dances in competitions - nothing could match up to it!

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