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About Framingham Dance Studio

The founders of Framingham Dance Studio bring their students a wealth of experience in competitive dancing from all over the world. Born in the USSR, both Tamaz and Ilana moved to Israel with their families in the 1990s. They met there and began a partnership that continues beautifully to this day, now leading them to set up their own dance studio in the United States of America.

Framingham Dance StudioWithin six months of meeting and dancing together, the duo stood runners-up in the National Championship in Israel. This became the first of many times they would appear among the top three in ballroom and Latin dance competitions. Meanwhile, the children they taught at one of Israel's best schools of dance were also regular finalists in competitions.

Tamaz's and Ilana's individual careers, however, had begun much before they formed a team together. In Georgia, Tamaz had been successfully competing regularly since the age of 7, while Ilana had begun as a 6-year old student at a school of dance in Lithuania.

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In 1997, the couple were invited to coach at one of New York City's major dance studios. In six months, they won third place in Standard at the North Eastern Championship, and then topped Latin at the Open Championship. This win was quickly followed by another, at an international competition this time.

Over the next few years, Tamaz and Ilana travelled the world, participating in competitions and seeking guidance at the best schools of dance. Their students, meanwhile, continued to compete and bring home prizes regularly.
The duo took a fairly long break from competitive dancing after winning a national championship. During this time, they got married, and had their first child - their daughter Shelley.
The sabbatical was not to last long, however, as they were invited a few months after Shelley's birth to begin a five-year stint at one of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in the United States.

Recently, Tamaz and Ilana have had their second child, a son named Sean. Soon after Sean's birth, they decided to launch their biggest independent project yet - the school of dance in Framingham, Massachusetts.


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