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Who doesn't like to dance? In the depths of their souls, most people love to dance - it's just that some people are scared of “looking stupid”. At the Framingham Dance Studio, Framingham, Massachusetts, we help you get rid of those fears, become better performers, and hone your skills to the finest levels.

Age, sex, partner availability, skill… none of these are obstacles to students in this school of dance, where ballroom dancing lessons, hiphop lessons, latin dance classes and wedding dance lessons go on with equal vigour. Children's dance classes are held separately from the adults, while those wanting individual attention can opt for private dance lessons as well. 

Framingham's Dance Studio founders are specialists in the field known as Dancesport, or competitive dancing. The dominant dances that figure in Dancesport include five “Standard”(i.e. Ballroom) dances and five Latin dances, all of which you can learn to dance at Framingam Dance Studio & Classes.

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New Adult Classes - 6 week course $ 90 per person (drop in $ 20)

About Ilta Dance : Framingham Dance School & Studio

The founders of Framingham Dance Studio bring their students a wealth of experience in competitive dancing from all over the world... read more about Framingham Dance School & Studio

Dance Classes Framingham MAAdult Dance in Framingham

Dance like no one is watching yet dance to make eyes turn! Yes, that is exactly what we offer at Framingham Dance Studio. With a wide range of dance forms from across the world, we love to make you discover the dancer in you.... read more about Framingham Adult Dance Classes.

Children's & Kid's Dance Classes in Framingham

Children and youth have completely different needs in a classroom to those of adults. This is why Framingham Dance Studio provides separate dance classes for children... read more about Children's & Kid's Dance Classes in Framingham

Private Dance Lessons in Framingham

Private dance lessons have their advantages for a variety of learners. Beginner dancers who are low on confidence may benefit especially from private dance lessons in social dancing... read more about Private Dance Classes & Lessons in Framingham area

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Framingham Wedding Dance Private Lassons

Another source of really quick results are wedding dance lessons, which many people request with barely months in hand! Some couples would simply appreciate not falling over their feet at the next wedding dance, while others would like to create a set of moves that everyone - most of all they themselves - will remember fondly for a long time. Whether classic or post-modern, regal or humorous, just let your instructors know what you want and let them help you create it in reality!... read more about Framingham area Wedding Dance Classes & Lessons

Belly Dancing Classes for Framingham area

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Beginner, Intermediate & Advance: Children & Teenager Ballroom and Latin Classes + Adult

Social Dance Classes in MetroWest

If the strict compulsions of Dancesport aren't exactly your style, you may enjoy the liberty of the “Social Dances” - which is not to say that the competitive dances can't be performed casually! But if you're looking for something you can show off to your friends right from the first day, Salsa lessons, Hustle or Merengue classes might better suit your palate.

Dance Classes in Framingham MA

Dance classes are a great way to get children, teenagers or adults onto their feet, away from the television or internet, and happily laughing in company. This can dramatically improve physical health – muscle tone, metabolism, digestion – as well as helping to control psychological problems. If you're looking for a way to stay healthy as well as have a new skill to show for it, the Framingham Ilta Dance Studio is certainly the place to be!



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